Exquisite Design and Entertainment CEO Calvet Sutherland

The chief executive officer and owner of Exquisite Design and Entertainment, LLC, in Brooklyn, New York, Calvet Sutherland began his career as an architect in 1994 as an assistant under Patrick Stanigar in Jamaica, followed by two years in the same role with Desmond Hayles and Associates. As an assistant architect, he gained experience drafting, developing, and preparing architectural drawings. He also met with numerous local agencies and industry groups for building reviews. In 1997, Calvet Sutherland joined the Ministry of Local Government in Jamaica as an assistant building surveyor, a position he held through 2021.

More recently, Mr. Sutherland reviewed remodeling plans for compliance issues at Michael Jay Wallin Associates. As an executive leader, he manages all design and building projects from start to finish, which includes delegating tasks to his team of project managers and the director of architecture.

Mr. Sutherland studied architecture at the University of Technology in Kingston, earning a bachelor of arts. In his free time, he enjoys photography, art, and travel.

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Calvet Sutherland
Queens, NY US